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The first party is Clients.
Clients mean both the organizations consulted by Caleb and the society as a whole. Consulting service is an intellectual work. The intellectual work, if not executable, would be a mere intellectual play. It is because executable work offers clients the foundation and means to grow into a great company, and because it offers Caleb confidence in our service. Since every organization has its own role and pursuit, Caleb does not cling to pre defined ideas of what a desirable company should be. Rather, we desire to solve clients ' problems while remembering that they all companies pursue their own definition of excellence.

It is because the meaning of our existence is to assist our clients to achieve their own social roles and objectives.
The second party is the Members of Caleb.
We want Caleb to become a better company with a great culture. In Caleb there is autonomy, which is based on rationality. In Caleb there is creative tension instead of negative pressure. The relationship between Caleb members and society starts with the rightful thoughts. It is because a professional with anything less than rightful intentions may beget mischief to the society. We are convinced that only the professionals with rightful thoughts can create values that eventually benefits the society.