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  Executable Service
Caleb pursues to propose an immediately executable solution rather than a perfect solution that is not executable.
Management is based on execution.
It is not about knowing something, but about putting the knowledge into practice, thereby achieving targets. We do not want our passionate proposals to become one of the exhibits in the client ' s bookshelves. We desire that our clients execute their mission with passion and achieve it. Caleb promises to offer the most executable service.
  Consulting ROI
Can you measure the results of consulting?
People know that execution is more important than a report or idea.
However, we cannot find a will and means to facilitate execution. Caleb establishes and manages consulting ROI in every consulting project in order to create a practical performance. Caleb assesses consulting ROI and sets up an improvement goal for the ROI before launching a project. Caleb tracks and manages the ROI goal after completing a project. When the target ROI is not met, we identify and eliminate the cause or amend the existent proposal accordingly. Caleb establishes consulting ROI strictly in order to offer clients substantial value, and does our best to keep faith with clients.
  With Client
Many clients who participate in a consulting TFT feel alienated.
Despite the high expectation on consulting project, most of the efforts from the clients ' employees have been spent on data researching and schedule management.
Most of value creation originate from human resources. Advancement of human resources through a consulting is what every client hopes for, but is by no means easy to achieve. We have pursued such a goal, with less than expected results in many cases. After a long time, we figured that this is a problem of mindset. We understood that improvement of human resources could not be achieved, mainly because consultants and clients do not trust each other. Clients should not expect that a consultant will come up with every solution to any problem. Consultants should shed the obsession to offer a perfect proposal for all the problems. All of us are in the continued, on-going process of studying and improving. We can create more value when we respect and interact with each other with an open mind. Caleb pursues to improve not only the clients ' capability but also our own capability by cooperating with clients.